Hey guys! Brand new member here, looking for some help. I have a 1986 Peavey Patriot that I got cheap from a pawn shop as a beater. It turned out to be one of my favorite guitars to play, but unfortunately the tuners seem to be on their last legs. They feel really loose and don't hold tune very well, or for very long. I'm looking to upgrade them-just wondering if anyone here has upgraded the tuners on theirs, or has any suggestions. I'd prefer ones that drop in as I don't want to try and drill new holes, if that's possible.

Thanks guys!

Oh, and I'll try to get pics up soon. It's not much to look at, though, lol.
Pics would be good. I did an image search, and the ones I found looked a lot like Fender Klusons. Since it is a US-made guitar, they are likely the same imperial size.

FWIW, my favourite electric is a hock shop Peavey, a Vietnamese (not Chinese!)-made Raptor Plus Exp.
Tony Done Thanks for the reply! That makes a lot of sense-I'm gonna look into those Klusons, maybe those could work.

Yeah, the import ones definitely don't get enough recognition-a lot of them are fantastic players! Out of curiosity, is there a major difference between the Vietnamese and Chinese versions?

Also, sorry for the newbie question, but what's the best way to add images?
I'm not sure what the rules are on new chums posting pics, but you have to put them on an image-hosting site - I use Flickr - and post a link to the image name (something.jpg) using the image icon.

I've had both a Chinese and a Vietnamese version. The Chinese one was much heavier (I think that the Vietnamese one is Paulownia, and about 51/4 lb, all up), the workmanship was sloppy and it had standard cheap ceramic pickups with 1/5" slugs. The Vietnamese one has excellent workmanship, and has pickups with oversized (1/4") slugs that I like a lot - and I'm really choosy about pickups.