Been a long time since I did a cover but I think this came out well enough to share. Guitar tracks are recorded and mixed in with drums and bass from the producer edition of the album the song features on. Hope you enjoy \m/
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If you comment on my thread you'll get a reply in the next 24 hours provided you gave me a link to follow. I commented on other members' covers, shared my link with the post but no reply for 3-4 days. Hope to hear from someone soon.
I thought it was pretty good man. Sorry you aren't getting a lot of replies but the section isn't as busy as it used to be IMO so that probably has something to do with it.
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Thanks, I've noticed this section dying slowly. Guess it also has to with how close the bands are sound wise that one comments on or how well known the band is in general. Some songs here just get replies without any of the "extra mile" stuff. However I'm open to comment on anything if someone replies for a C4C.
This is tight! Really good tone, also. Does the track you are playing over already have guitar? I would do a little more work on the riff at 2:15 as some of those runs don't sound as tight as they could be, but that's the only minor problem area in this cover. Would love to hear you play something like Grace.

Keep up the good work!

C4C https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1713751
super tight, dude, I think the guitars may be a little loud, but other than that, fantastic playing, i like the split screen!
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Bocob: Thanks for the reply. The backtrack is created by using the drums and bass stems from the Producer Edition of their Sacrament album. You get a stereo mixdown of the drums, bass, left and right rhythm guitars, lead guitar, vocal, backing vocals and FX of each song on the album. Some songs omit certain tracks depending if the track had lead guitars, FX or backing vocals to begin with. So in conclusion, no, the track does not include any of the original guitar tracks. I will try Grace with a friend of mine doing the more difficult leads. Hope I can pull it off.

Bostonrocks: Thanks for checking t out. Split screen is something I'll always like to do with covers or playthroughs. Guitars are intentionally louder as to not 'hide' behind the drums or bass. It is a guitar cover though so I'd thought that would be preferable.