I do not have specific experience with that unit, but my general guidelines are: to gradually cut bass down from around 200hz-300hz. That will give your guitar a crisp place in a modern mix. You may also want to reduce midrange as well, from around 300-800hz. It depends on your guitar and uses. A modern, dense mix will often require much less bass and midrange than a mix where the guitar was solo'd out or with just a few instruments. Experiment and see what works for you. My general EQ on acoustic guitars looks like a low cut up to around 100hz, a small band left intact around 120hz-200hz, then a moderate cut around 200hz-800hz. Highs are left intact or boosted if need be. If you cannot selected specific frequencies on the A2, just reducing the knobs Bass and Midrange will get you along the same lines.

Other bits of fun are adding some reverb, light delay, and chorus to the sound. Compression can also be used subtly to give you a tighter, more focused sound.
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