Hello, saw this thread https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/reviews/electric_guitars/legend/st1/index.html regarding the Supreme ST-1 guitar. I didn't expect that so many people seem to own this guitar. It was my first lover and still is the main one among my more expensive ones.

Thing is, there is NO information at all about this guitars specs anywhere. I even phoned my guitarshop where I bought it and they had no clues either. So since there seems to be quite a lot of people owning this one here, I am wondering:

What neck is on it? This is the best feature of the guitar in my opinion. The neck is absolutely perfect in my hands, can't play anything else anymore.
I want to replace the necks on my other guitars for the sort that is put on the ST-1. I'm not a gear geek really, so I have no clue how to identify what sort of neck radius, shape etc it has.

Thanks in advance , really hope someone here can help my identify the neck. I'm eager to get an identical one on my "better sounding" guitars.

You can probably have someone duplicate the neck easily enough. If you go to a hardware store, find something called a contour gauge. Looks like this:

It's used to duplicate contours on moulding, etc. The more sophisticated way to do this is via a laser scan. Someone with a CNC carving machine can duplicate your neck and you're good to go. The radius on the fretboard is also pretty easy; there are radius gauges available from StewMac that will tell you what you need, and someone can make a good guess as to the fretwire (likely very standard) that was used. Job done.
dspellman Every step laid out infront of me, thank you very much! Cheers