Like the title suggests i'm looking at pedal power supplies and want to get some feedback from the UG community. Anyone have experience with either of the pedals listed or suggestions. Right now i'm leaning towards the Truetone by onespot, it will power everything i've got and it's a great price.

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It's the One-Spot by Truetone, actually.

I have & use both- each is good, but they're different. The One-Spot is a thoroughly dependable daisy chain power supply, while the VLs are multi-Jack bricks. The One-Spot is inexpensive and reliable, but won't be quite as good at taking power fluctuations, etc. as the VL will be.

If your DC is nice & stable, you can power a lot of pedals with One-Spots. But if it isn't, the brick will do a better job.
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I've had both and my experience was this: it both works fine, but the Voodoo Labs outdoes the One-Spot in every regard but price.

The One-Spot is a cheap option to power a nice amount of pedals, but it wasn't sturdy enough to survive the amount of gigging I was doing. I also had multiple, as one would give me noise issues when powering pedals in front of the amp and pedals in the loop. Once I switched to multiple, that problem was gone, although I had the inconvenience of now having to plug in 3 adapters instead of 1 while setting up (and more possible things to break).

The Voodoo Labs was great. It was expensive (I had the 4X4), but it took care of my Strymons, my Whammy and a bucket of other pedals without any problems. My rig was as silent as it could get without getting a noise surpressor in the chain and I always had a spot left for when I wanted to add more to my board. Super reliable, great quality, but it's expensive.

If you're thinking long-term and you will be gigging, I'd eventually get something like a Voodoo Labs (there are alternatives). If you're only going to be playing at home or want something cheaper for now, the One Spot is a great option. Having one laying around for later use is always nice. I used mine something at home when I had a new pedal and wanted to decide where to put it in my chain or even if it was going on my board or just a stay-at-home pedal. You don't want to re-arrange your power supply sockets only to redo it the next day.
AH! Different story.

I'm planning on getting one of those instead of buying another VL brick. They're excellent.
Sturgeon's 2nd Law, a.k.a. Sturgeon's Revelation: “Ninety percent of everything is crap.”

Why, yes, I am a lawyer- thanks for asking!

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Oh, in that sense.
Haven't used that unit, but the regular One Spot adapters are nice for what they are, so I'd think the power bricks are too. No complaints on the 4X4 whatsoever though and I know for sure it'll serve you well. Mine was sold to a friend and the total amount of gigs it has been used at is in the hundreds and it's still solid as a rock.
The CS12 is fantastic, although I'd get some spare connectors from the brick to the pedals as I have had 2 break on me.
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I would recommend the Truetone.

But I a bit biased.
I'm a huge electronics and pedal geek and their Senior Engineer is like my idol in that field,
Among the DIY pedal electronics field, he's a legend and VERY highly respected.
(geofex.com is his sight BTW )
+1 on the CS12 Truetone. 
Although I've never had more than 6 pedals going at one time in regular use, I have powered 17 pedals at once off of this power supply. Some digital, some analog, without issue. 
Noisefree as well with true isolated supply lines. 
They massively underate the output on each line, and with a total availabe output of 3.6A (3600mA) you can't beat it.
It's heavy, solid and a better price than buying 2 Voodoo 4x4's. 
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