I just bought a new Ibanez AS73 semi-hollowbody guitar and it has an annoying buzz I can't seem to get rid of. It buzzes along the entire neck on all strings, most notably on the thicker strings, and even on open strings.

I have tried the following things:
- Gave the neck more relief.
- Raised the action.
- Checked for loose parts in the bridge or tuning pegs.
- Changed the strings.

The first two reduced the amount of buzzing, but I can still hear a faint buzz when I play unplugged. The buzz is especially noticeable when I play through an amp with some overdrive (I've tried two different amps). Here's a clip of it: http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/EightThirty/music/all/play1373067

I was hoping some knowledgeable people on this forum could help me find the source of this buzz.
Can you upload the clip elsewhere? I don't think the UG player works anymore. You can use a site like Clyp It.

Generally speaking, buzz can come from action that is too low, maybe some burrs on a saddle or an improperly cut nut.
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Could be the nut was cut to deep as well
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Here's the clip again:


Also some pics of the action and bridge:

If the nut is cut too deep, wouldn't that only result in buzzing on the open strings? I could try putting some paper in the nut groove and see if that helps.
You're right about the nut only affecting open strings, I think. There is going to be some fret buzz, its common for sure. But not so that you hear it when its plugged in.

The audio clip almost sounds like its an electrical issue, but you saying you hear it while begin unplugged has me scratching my head. If the ground isn't properly attached that will create some unwanted buzz.

You might want to consider returning it, if that's not an option then paying for a pro set up might be the fix you need. or even just taking to a tech, I bet they can diagnose it quickly and give you a quote.
'16 Gibson LP Standard T, '15 Epi LP Standard with 57/57+ Gibbys
Blackstar S1-45, a few pedals.