Poll: How do find the key of a recording?
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Pentatonic scale
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Resolving note
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How do you find the key of a recording?

For the kind of simple things I play, blues and folk, I mostly find the pentatonic scale that fits or the resolving note, rather than chords. By the scalar method I can usually get it in the first few bars.

Are there other options?

Are there any strengths and weaknesses of particular approaches?
There really is only one answer which, ironically, isn't included in the list and that's the chord that the piece resolves to.
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^ yeah that's what i'd do (but i'm no theory ninja). Big flaw i can think of with the scale approach is that a lot of blues and rock (and associated styles of music) will use the minor pentatonic or blues scale over a piece which is actually in a major key- so judging by the scale which works could set you down the wrong path if you're not careful.
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Yeah, I would take note of the major-minor tonality at the outset.

The way it works for me is that I find three consecutive pentatonic notes that are all in tune with the melody in question, that is sufficient to give you the key, unless it does an odd shift somewhere.