Ok, so this might sound like a really silly beginner question, but I need help with the main riff in Highway to Hell.

I am trying to play the main riff in this tab: https://tabs.ultimate-guitar.com/a/acdc/highway_to_hell_album_tab.htm

How am I supposed to play? I mean the only way I can think of is to pluck the notes at the same time? But that isn't the way it's supposed to be played, right?

I mean, the A string isn't supposed to be picked, right? The problem I have is to play the notes after the first ones. Like first you play the A, D and G strings, then you play the E string 2 times, after you play the A, D and G strings 1 time. The A string between the E and the rest of the strings isn't supposed to be picked when you play those notes, right?
Use your index finger to fret the notes on the low E but also rest it on the A string so it mutes it - then just play them as normal chords.
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if you're lazy like me you can use your thumb for the low E string
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