Hey all... So I thought I knew how to wire guitars and then this happened.
I've got a Les Paul with two GFS pro tube lipstick humbuckers that I want to be able to split into coils using a two way DPDT toggle switch... I've tried wiring it to a DiMarzio diagram from their website to no avail, and also to a Seymour Duncan diagram also to no avail. Everything works except the bridge sounds like its stuck in single coil mode for both wiring methods.

In short, I've ended up using a SD diagram and have the red and white wires of both pickups wired to the two middle poles on the DPDT switch, with the black wires wired to their respective volume pot poles, and the shield plus green wire wired to both poles for each pickup on one end of the DPDT switch, each with a wire running from there to ground as well. What am I doing wrong? I've spent a good four hours of my life dealing with this and can't think of any reason why the god damn bridge won't work!
If you switch the two pickups around, does the problem follow that certain pickup? If so, the pickup is the problem. If not its the wiring. GFS ? made in China? China=Bad. Eat sandwhich.