After your advises about good rhythm guitarists, i desided to chose James Hetfield. So, what are the best song to develop rhythm? I am not a huge pro and I want to chalange myself, so recommend me not very advance songs (Battery, MoP and etc.), but also don't recommend me pretty easy songs(enter sandman, from whom the bell tolls, nothing else matter and etc.)
I mostly like thrash period(first four albums) and black album. If it possible recommend songs from them
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Master of puppets
Justice for All
Creeping death

Those are all more accessible than they sound. If that is too difficult try learning some Maiden - Powerslave for example, or aces high. Black Sabbath Paranoid album is goldmine of accessible metal riffs as well. Those can help build you up to faster riffs.
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+1 for Master of Puppets.

And i know its no Metallica, but pull me under by dream theater has some kind of similar metallica vibe's riffs that require a decent stamina! Always found it a nice work out.
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+1 for Master of Puppets.

And i know its no Metallica, but pull me under by dream theater has some kind of similar metallica vibe's riffs that require a decent stamina! Always found it a nice work out.

I like dream theater too. And this song is kick ass
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If you like Dream Theater try the verse riff from The Count Of Tuscany, that is basically a Metallica riff on steroids.

What about whole songs(exept solos, because all of them are really complicated and my goal isn't beeing a shreder, that play billion notes per second) by dream theater?
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Rexirion If you can't play a Metallica song, you shouldn't even bother with Dream Theater - start easier and build up to it.

Thanks for advise. I thought, maybe they have some medium difficult songs without changing time signetures. By the way, which metallica's songs can you recommend for developing rhythm?
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Yeah the easiest DT songs are still going to be harder than most Metallica songs.

Some easier DT songs, not including solos, are Forsaken, The Root of All Evil, Pull Me Under, Strange Deja Vu... there's quite a few.

To answer your original question, try pretty much anything from the Black Album. For Whom The Bell Tolls is also great for beginners.
Rexirion I posted up above - try those tunes. It's important to have a good base before you start tackling overly difficult material. Sabbath, Metallica, Maiden are all great starting points because they play slower, which is important for a beginner. The tunes can still be very difficult, but you won't get any 32nd note runs or overly insane chord voicings as you would in Dream Theater. Don't be afraid to reach for the sky once in a while, but I would strongly recommend you get some of those tunes under your belt before you even attempt Dream Theater. John Pettrucci grew up playing Metallica and Maiden - so you would be wise to follow his steps.

hmmm, check out Motorbreath and Metal Militia, they're not too too hard but they'll develop your alternate picking too a decent speed, it's mostly all on the low e with power chords
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I was taught using Four Horsemen. Enough variety in the riffs but use similar galloping technique. I know you said no on MoP but pick the main riffs out of the song and they have a great rhythm and not overly difficult left hand.
...And Justice For All. I've been relearning to play those songs over the past few days and its been pretty fun playing them.
I would reccomend seek and destroy off of kill em all.

Check out justinguitars lesson on YouTube .

He also has a great lesson on enter sandman.

Also check out Carl brown on YouTube s guitarlesson365 channel in metal rythem burst playing and Steve stine on developing with his 3 min excersize on down picking and alternate picking

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Shortest Straw is a good one economy of motion is definitely required.

Creeping Death

Fight Fire with Fire
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No remorse was good to me back when I began.
I always like playing of wolf and man also. I think it has a good groove.
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