First post here hope you can help me!

I have just bought a new 4x12 cab with celestion vintage 30's and i also have an old 2x12 cabinet with broken speakers. Now i would like to put 2 speakers made for bassguitars in this cab and run it together with the 4x12 into my Orange OR15.

Would this work? The reason i wanna do this is because i think the sound will be overkill, super fat bass but yet clear because of the 4x12 which will go on top of the 2x12.

Whadya think?
Probably won't do much for you.

Something *like* that has been done, but there's a big difference. The ISP Technologies Vector SL (designed in conjunction with Steve Lukather) does two things that yours won't. It designs and sizes the cabinet specifically for the single 15" subwoofer used. And it provides a 600W power amp to handle JUST the LF sounds. Moreover, there are electronics in the unit that peel off the mids and highs, route them back to the 4x12 and send ONLY the LF sounds to the Vector.

If you're trying to run that setup without a cabinet specifically designed around those bass speakers, it's unlikely that you'll hear much change and if you're only using (for example) 100W of tube power for both cabinets, you'll be SOL. That's not enough power to produce bottom end at the volumes that you'll be running out of the 4x12.



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