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Practice lessons
4 57%
Theory lessons
2 29%
Play in the style of
3 43%
Learn this solo/song
2 29%
Backing tracks
3 43%
1 14%
Recording/mixing music
3 43%
Voters: 7.
Hej folks!

I am planning to launch my own webpage which features my music, guitar lessons and all that stuff BUT what I wanna know is:

What would you love to see on a guitar page?

What content would interest you?

Practice routines, licks, backing tracks, sh*t in the style of ........ and so on...?!

What is missing on other pages?
I have no interest in money since its my passion and I just want to share my knowledge in a fun and entertaining way.

Cheers guys!
What a good thread.
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pictures of dudes doing weird stuff with concepts

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An 18+ version of the pit
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How to make a guitar out of a paper towel roll and a rubberband. Jk. How to calculate the natural resonant frequency on a specific volume of air.
is your music good tho
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