Hi there.

I need help with some cables I'm going to buy, but I need to make sure it's the right cables and plugs.
The cables is for my Boss GT-10 running to my studio monitors (Fluid Audio F5), for when I'm creating patches.

On my studio monitors there're 3 connection options: Balanced jack, balanced XLR and unbalanced Phono/RCA.

I'm thinking I want to use the Balanced XLRs on the monitors, but then I need the other end of the two cables to be jack, to fit the GT-10, and that's where my question comes in:

Do the jack plugs need to be standard jacks or stereo TRS jacks?
I'm running the GT-10 in stereo, therefore using both the L & R Output from the GT-10.

The outputs on the GT-10 appear to be unbalanced (the manual mentions nothing about being balanced anyway) so just run TS cables (not TRS) into the balanced 1/4" jack on the monitors.

Running the output to the XLR jack will have the exact same effect, but with the added expense of a TS-to-XLR adapter.
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