My guitar has a basswood body, maple neck and rosewood fret board. I will be on the cruise for the duration of Nov 12 - 16th
Will this guitar be safe for this guitar if I take it on this cruise with me? Right now it's getting chilly outside and 47 degrees F where I'm at,
and it will be warm in the Bahamas and weather should be different.

I want to know from people who know a lot about how weather and temperature affects guitar wood if my guitar will be fine and unaffected if
taken on this cruise...

thanks a lot.
There will probably be musicians on your cruise, entertaining guests. They are from all over.

The climate is controlled where you live (most likely) and it will be controlled on the ship as well. If you plan on playing it outside just do so for short periods of time, don't leave it out or in a confined space. Return it to climate controlled environment and back to normal temps.

My .02 is that I wouldn't want to lug a guitar around on a cruise, especially a nice 4 day. Enjoy the time you have on vacation, not worrying about your guitar. If you play the time away, you could have just stayed home and took 4 days off from work for less $.
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Taking your guitar on a cruise? Couldn't find a girlfriend or what? Or going with your parents? In which case leave the guitar at home and try and find a girlfriend, As these kid friendly cruises actually have a lot of stuff to do for kids, Sitting in your cabin playing your cheapo guitar wont be nearly as much fun,
It will be fine. I have travelled with guitars to the Mediterranean, Hawaii and the Caribbean many times with no issues. Immersion in salt water would be bad tho...

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Best advice: Leave it behind. You'll have a better time and won't worry about your guitar.
Just leave it home and use your free time to masturbate
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Just leave it home and use your free time to masturbate

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