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3 23%
Ernie Ball
7 54%
1 8%
1 8%
1 8%
6 46%
Voters: 13.
Hey guys last year I started using DR stings ( I got an endorsement by walking with a guitar and amp to their headquarters Knocked on the door and ask for one then played for them and now i have an endorsement), But honestly I love their stings what do you guys think, I dare you all to try this with on your local companies!
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EB because they are locally available, deliver a quality and consistent product, at a price that I can afford.
I use Ernie Balls for my standard gauges and use La Bella, GHS and Thomann branded strings for various guitars because of the particular set I want for them or them not being played enough that I want to spend money on strings.
I use whatever strings I have but generally I buy DR strings for my vintage style intruments and EBs for everything else (sometimes DM Blue Steels).
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d'addario nickel blues .011's on everything. why? i gave gone through 100's of sets since i started playing and haven't ever had a problem.
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