Hey guys!
I'm looking for help. I want to buy a bass but I don't know what to chose. I would like to have a very deep round sound like in Groudation (if you don't know just look for Babylon Rule Dem) to play reggae and hip hop.
For now I have a Markbass CMD 102P amp which is great. But I don't know what to buy for the bass.
I was thinking about a Presicion or a Jazz, but what to chose ... I tried the fender american vintage P bass and if I cut the treble, it's very good. I was thinking that maybe an active bass could be good. And then I found the Fender Deluxe Active Jazz bass et precision bass in Okume wood that seem great.
What do you guys think about that?
Do you know any kind of bass that could be good for that kind of sound?
Thank you very much ! Bye
You're unlikely to get "very deep round sound" from your amp; the bass guitar itself isn't responsible for that end of things.

I have two basses; a bolt-neck Fender P&J bass with passives and a neck-through Carvin with actives (and a couple of boosts).

You might need a different amp/speaker cabinet combo to produce what you want. A decent passive precision bass will work just fine.

You might want to know that a LOT of bass in hip-hop is done on a keyboard.
First I am a Fender fanboy. Second I am a Fender Jazz fanboy. My opinion is biased. Having said that, you can make a J bass sound like a P bass by simply turning down the bridge pickup volume. This makes the J bass more versatile. I also prefer the skinnier neck of the J bass, but that's a preference thing.
Since you mentioned Reggae, your choice is pretty clear: you want a Fender Jazz bass. If Aston "Family Man" Barrett used one; you can't get a better endorsement for a Reggae bass.

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That Markbass will do literally any sound you want. I recommend cutting the highs and turning that tweeter completely off for your style though.

For really deep low end sound you either want a humbucker or a bass with two pickups (like that there jazz bass.) I'd recommend a Fender Starcaster bass if it's in your budget as it's got fatass humbuckers and its a shorter scale too.
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Since you mentioned Reggae, your choice is pretty clear: you want a Fender Jazz bass. If Aston "Family Man" Barrett used one; you can't get a better endorsement for a Reggae bass.

My dad used to do sound at a local venue. 16-17 years ago, the truck carrying the bass gear broke down. Family Man used my P Elite II and rig for that show at The Norva. Wish I had pictures. He kept gushing about how nice that bass is. The Wailers still call my pops whenever they come into town.
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Both P basses and Jazz basses are great in their own unique way. It's a tough choice really. But if I had to choose a bass for the styles you mentioned I'd go for the Jazz. Or maybe even a bass with a PJ style pickup configuration for the best of both worlds.
Try to get your hands on a Lakland PJ. You won't regret it.
man, for your style I'd go with a P or PJ combo bass with active electronics.
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