This is a very melodic song from the 2nd album, I made a guitar playthough of it

I hope the lightning is not too fucked up, I'd say that the cool parts are the rythm section after 0:20, and the weird solo at 1:03

Hope you enjoy! Post links to your stuff so I can review back!

Also, the actual "studio" recording here:

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Thanks for the compliments! But since I already have posted this song, for me the purpose of a playthrough is to play through the song in 1 take, then post the audio recording of me playing it, actually I am surprised this only took 1 take, I have not played this song in months

I'll go listen to your song now!
I agree with EY8CC, it would have been way better if you recorded the audio with something else than the camera.
I haven't heard this song, so I thought I could give some crit on it too :

Nice production man, the guitar sounds great!
I really like the part at 0:42. A good melodic contrast to thos
Cool solo at 1:13. And really nice playing as well! Love the arpeggios.
I really like how the the song keeps going forward without getting repetive.
This is some really good work, keep it up!

Crit for crit?