I recently purchased an S521 Ibanez Guitar and Blackstar ID15 amplifier.

The setup has worked brilliantly for 1 week but today my amp (I think it's the amp but I'm not sure) now creates a buzzing sound when I play 2 or more strings. Interestingly, only the second string I play is the one that buzzes - if I play a B then an E, the B will sound pretty good (still not perfect) but the E will have an awful tone.

I am sure it never sounded like this previously.

I have done nothing on the amp that would have caused this and the only thing I have done is dropped my guitar tuning from E to D standard.

I have tested the the amp and the problem only appears on settings that use gain (so not clean) although the clean sound isn't quite as good either.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
it's not your amp it the guitar. when you dropped tuning down a full step the truss rod probably wasn't adjusted. less tension on the neck means the neck bows a little and you get string buzz.
First you need to check neck relief. Press the 6th string down at the 1st and heel frets. There should be a small gap between the 6th fret and the string, about the thickness of a business card. If the gap is less than that, the truss rod needs letting off a bit. There are plenty of instructional vids explaining how to check and adjust neck relief.

If the neck relief is OK and the problem persists, then the action needs to raised by adjusting the saddles upwards.
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fingersmcghee38 Actually I found an article - I will try this and thank you for your help

Plenty if instuctional vids on YouTube as well!
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Play your guitar unplugged, if theres no or minimal fret buzz, then it's not your guitar.

Also, if you changed to the appropriate gauge when down tuning, it shouldn't have affected the neck by much at all. If it is indeed the neck, you need to loosen the truss rod as someone stated above.

What's got me is that fret buzz is more noticeable on the clean channel, it usually fairly transparent with distortion unless its just really bad.
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