FS: Handmade custom guitar effects starting from $70, shipping worldwide

Hello guys!

I hope multiple items thread won't be a big problem.

I'm gear maker and I build custom handmade guitar effects. Wide range of customisation, most of them are high quality copies of pedals available on the market such as ISP Decimator G-String (Catalyst) or classic Tube Screamer with MXR MC-401 booster (Ultra-Dist).

Prices starts at $70 for clean booster up to $200 for 5-loop programmable midi switch. If something is not listed but such effect exist on the market feel free to ask to build it. I'm able to build copies of most of analog classic stompboxes.

Feel free to ask and send your offers as well!


Any chance you could make a midi pedal to control Line 6 Helix Snapshots, rather than internal loops?