Greetings into the void of theoretical possibilities,

my name is Viv and I'm a singer/lyricist (and a dilettante keyboard novice), with considerable experience in looking to find creative musical minds online and having failed do so as of yet. Where I am geographically located, there is no music scene, the little there is galaxies away from my area of interest, so I search the nookies and crannies of the vast internet in hope my search is one day successful.

First let me say I love music, a great variety of it, and though I love guitar-based music I am in no way bound only to rock/metal etc. (though they have been and will remain dear to me always) in either my musical devotion nor in terms of what music I have a vision to create. I have a vague vision that I'd like guitars, bass and drums but really there are no limits for me in way of instruments, I don't care if people play organic instruments or create electronic music on computers, as long as they have, as I, a fundamental passion to create music. What is more important to me than strictly looking for players of this or that instrument is that I find kindred spirits with which I can establish a personal chemistry, no matter what they play, how well, or how long. So I'm interested in getting to know people, chatting, and seeing if I feel a connection we could base a creative world and vision upon.

Music for me is a passion and an art form and has nothing to do with business so if anyone expects me to have to validate myself with recordings and resumes, they are best to stop reading and wasting their time, as I do not wish to waste mine, and so wish to outline clearly what it is I am looking for, even for sake of brevity. I have seen many self-proclaimed musicians demand for a long list of gigs performed, records made, names associated with and that has nothing to do with music for me. Music is a passion for one person that can become something larger than lfe if shared with kindred minds for me, as one creative person fuels the other to create and improve. So if someone asks me with whom I have sang and recorded, they prove only that they're illiterate as I never state I am a professional singer nor am I interested in soiling a passion with business. Creating music has for long been something I have dreamed to make a career one day, if an opportunity arose, however as the situation is, I firmly separate what I do to earn a living and in what I do because it is a visceral necessity.

Thus I do not care what instrument you play, how long you have been playing or how well you play it, in fact I am not interested in people too technical as they just do not work well with me. I am interested in passion and determination and in the firm belief that creating music is something you truly desire. For now I am just looking for guys to chat to and share ideas and see where it goes. Ideally, I'd like to form a band but I don't want to jump ahead yet. But I am looking in people who are dedicated to creating music to the point that if opportunity arose, would be prepared to devote themselves to it fully and professionally. I will always create music just for the joy of it, however I am not interested in something undeground, I'd love to try and get music on the radio. As far as dedication goes, I'm ideally looking to guys in their twenties who have music as a priority whereas the younger population is busied with school and the older with family, usually. And I am looking for people who are unafraid of success, willing to truly commit, create and invest their passion into creating something original.

Now as for the sound I'm looking for, I have no idea, that's the charm. I look for kindred spirits to help me create our own. I refuse to cite bands here as the bands and music I love have little to do with what I want to create. I have no want to reproduce anyone else's sound, regardless of how much I love it. And though I am sure even subconsciously the sound and lyrics of certain bands dear to me might influence me to a point, I try my best to create music from myself, unrelated to other artists. I welcome all influences but not imitations. I am looking for passionate people interested in delving into their creativity and finding and forming their own sound with me. I am interested in people willing to co-found a band with me and create together, based on personal connection, I am not interested in a joining a band with prewritten material. It should be done as a unit, with conviction.

I think this is long enough and though I'm sure I'll have to edit to add later, I think I've stated all I wanted to right now. If you have any further questions or are interested in what I have proposed herein, don't hesitate to PM or leave a message here. If you have nothing to offer me or nothing constructive to say, do not bother though (it's happened before). I will not reply. To those who believe they have something to offer in ways of limitless creativity and want to try and join creative powers, though, I say, do contact me. I will not bite. Not online, anyway.
VivStrangely Hello. . I am new to playing guitar, having only been playing for a year or so now. My complete lack of natural talent is only matched by my dogged determination to keep practising so I can proudly say I know a good few chords, both open and barre, but don't necessarily do justice to the latter. Anyway, would be very interested to hear what you had in mind. Hope to hear from you. Matt
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I have the exact same problem! I love your idea, I play guitar (acoustic) and I sometimes write lyrics, I'd love to join you
P.S. I've been playing two years