Hey guys i am really into alternative rock I'm 16 and started to playing guitar when I was 14 I'm really awesome at power chord riffs and can play many nirvana songs but I have recently started practicing my scales and such and I get it it makes sense to me learn the 5 positions of the 10 fundamental scales memorize where the root notes are and come up with patterns and use different techniques and you have a solo or lead or lick etc rhythms is basically just chords put together and strummed in different phrasings and ways to make it sound good, good great I get all that and am making progress but i need some tips on what techniques and progressions are true to an alternative rock sound like what scales do you think would be good in a solo in the style of the smashing pumpkins what chords would be reminiscent of dinosaur jr songs what techniques do I use how do I get out of the rut of basic scale runs and blues sounding licks it seems all I can come up with are blues and classic rock sounding solos or boring descending/ascending scale runs which is not what I'm striving for please any help on the subject will be something thanks.
check some lessons/books/UTube of:

Larry Carlton..super studio player .. fusion jazz and blues with many twists in his lines

Guthrie Govan one of the best .. very technical and logical approach to all aspects of guitar playing

Muris Varajic has many lessons on a site called "master class" from intermediate to very advanced-its a pay site..but worth every cent
check this vid:

Joe Diorio...great book to break out of rock/blues habits.."intervallic designs"

these guys are top players in many styles..if your serious about music/guitar they should inspire you for years..your playing will grow and change dramatically of course time and patients and dedicated practice are required

hope they help you
play well

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