i want to see if i can find a place where i could buy single PCB's for common effects. i don't want bulk, just one or two of each.

i am still learning electronics, i have thousands upon thousands of components i have stockpiled over the last few months (i am sure nothing like what some of you have) and want to build some pedals.

i can solder well, read schematics (simpler the better at this point), and can use perf board and vero board with success, but i want to get into more detailed things and i think hat PCB is the next step for me.
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Dude, I would go for Madbean.
I've done some stuff on Vero, but I never really cared for it.
I'd rather make my own PC than use Vero.
Turret are an exception just because they look so cool.

Smallbear has some for various circuits as well.
They also have a small library of circuits designed for perfboard (I designed those for them last year) as well as several other building options.