Listened to both on headphones.

Not an Escape:
I like the rhythm going on with the drums, bass, and sequenced synth, cool vibe. Vocals are good, but got too chaotic for my taste starting around 0:40. Guitar solo was ok, but feel like it could be improved (although suits the style). Enjoyed the synths throughout the end, played well and sounded awesome. Mix sounds fine (no complaints) and quality on everything is great.

Look Out for the Enemy:

Nice bass tone and cool intro as a whole. Like the guitar in this one more. I like your heavier sound, sounds like 80s rock/thrash. Vocals are good. Good guitar leads. Once again, mix sounds fine.

Overall, good tracks as usual. Enjoyed listening.
Liked the synths coming in on "Not An Escape." Really like the production quality around these 80's style instruments. Few notes in the guitar solo were a little questionable, but I suppose to could come down to taste as well. Nice work!
I can tell you put a lot of work into these. I like synth and guitar solo on "not an escape". I agree with comment that vocals get a bit chaotic. Also, the crash cymbals seem weaker than the rest of the kit. Like it doesn't fit.

On "enemy " the bass riff starts off great, but gets lost when the distorted guitar kicks in. I think it should make another appearance, like at the end for continuity sake. It almost seems like two completely different songs. Production is good and the guitar work stands out.

Thanks for your comments on my song.
Not An Escape: Wow, that was really great! It's like a tasteful mix of Depeche Mode, MGMT, White Stripes and Muse. The synth lines (both the lead amd rhythm) were really cool. I think the strongest asset of this song is the vocals. Powerful, huge range and very expressive. Reminds me a lot of Muse or Gerard Way! The mix was really well done, everything blends together nicely. Great job.

Look Out For The Enemy: Another great song. I can hear an influence from so many great artists here. A bit of Depeche Mode again, Marilyn Manson, Soundgarden. You really explore interesting harmony with that bass line and the lead guitars. The mix is also great. I would however cut slightly on the snare reverb once the rhythm guitars come in. It works well in the beginning with just the bass and leads, but it drowns the rhythm guitars. It makes it slightly less punchy. Everything else is perfect to me! Keep up the great work man! You've got a pretty unique thing going on!

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I never know what to expect from you Aaron, but i always know it will be interesting! I got a U2 vibe from the opening of Not An Escape, that turned more Depeche Mode after the synthetic kicked in. The synth melodic ideas and tones were great. For my taste I would have liked a clearer and sparser direction on the guitar solo. More vocals would have been nice too- as it is this sounds like a neat interlude song on a longer album rather than a standalone piece.
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Thanks for the crit...yes I've listened to quite a few of your songs over time..I do dig the style you aim for it is always a little different I like the solo in the first song and the mix comes through very nicely..the vocals are eh Imo. You are a unique musician and I b think that deserves respect keep it going look out for the enemy kicked ass I did enjoy that one through and through
Hi AA,
Not An Escape - the drums at the very start are the most Police-esque thing you've done so far. Overall a very 80s style track, where bits of the vocal melody remind me of King King's "Love & Pride". The two different solos could've been longer. But recording wise it's fine, maybe the first bass part was a touch loud.

Look Out For The Enemy - yep, more of a full on rock assault. A little U2 in places. Found the guitar could've done with more lows and mids IMO. I don't know if they were real drums but they could do with more variation. Guitar soloing got more interesting as it went on.
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