I came across a contributor that has a couple of dozen Tabs in the archive. They are nice Chet style GP tabs in the style that attracted me to the guitar. I began downloading his tabs, playing them and then rating them. After 3 or 4 tabs, a little window appeared that accused me of abuse and suspended my account. WTF!!!!!! Since when is it abuse to rate tabs? Every song in the archive has hundreds of downloads for every rating, because people just don't take the time to register a review after they get a tab. UG should be encouraging us to take the time to rate tabs, not suspending us for doing so. I repeat: WTF!!!!!
It's because of buddy votes, people who are friends on here decide to vote each other's tabs highly in order to raise their scores. This is an attempt at quashing this and has ruined voting your favourite contributor's tabs.

Classic example of greed fucking everyone else over
A poem.
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Well chet.
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Another year lost to the blue line
Can we talk about how your thread title is a serious abuse of question marks instead? That's a more pressing issue I would say.
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Sounds like an abusive relationship to me
I suggest counseling
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^ I've just realised if you say Simple Plan's 2011 effort "Get Your Heart On!" really fast in a Southern American accent, it sounds gross. . .like sexual gross!

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I'm looking for professional bongo-ists and triangle-ists to make a Progressive Technical Brutal Death Metal band
(will be called AxOxJxLxAxIxVxXxUxWxZxQxUxRxWxGxJxSxAxLxKxMxNxHxUxGxAxAxWxVxCxBxZxVx)
(Don't even ask what it means)