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I'm currently drawing up plans for a 1x12 cab build and I'm looking to clarify a few construction techniques. I recently picked up a 1967 Bandmaster that sounded amazing through the 1x12 closed back Bogner Shiva cab the owner was playing it through so I'm trying to loosely replicate that design. I'm going with 3/4" Baltic Birch ply with butt-joints, 1"x1" internal pine bracing, and a 3/4" Baltic Birch baffle with two 4" ports in line with the bottom of the speaker. So far everything looks great but the one thing I'm a little confused about is whether or not the tolexed panel on the front above the grill (the piece that has the Bogner logo on it) is connected in some way to the baffle itself or if it's mounted independently? I realize there is probably a simple answer but I've scoured the internet for some sort of insight and haven't found anything to help me out. I've highlighted the part I'm talking about in the photo below:

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MIght as well leave the ports off the design; If you don't have a guitar speaker capable of using them properly, it's not going to do anything but take up space.
dspellman I haven't settled on a speaker yet actually. What would your suggestion be as far as wattage and impedance for a speaker?
My favorite speaker for guitar is usually the V30 (60W), which, as an 8 ohm single should be great with a Bandmaster with 6L6's.

But if you're looking for a cabinet that will work well with nearly anything, you can spend about the same money on an Eminence Delta Pro 12A speaker, build the cabinet with around 1.75 cubic feet of interior space (give or take) and put just ONE 4" pipe port in it. IOW, the port should be about 4" in diameter and about 4.25" deep to tune for 52Hz (the Delta will support this). Seal the cabinet up well (you can get fancy with it OR you can just use Loctite Premium PL, which will make it airtight), and you'll be able to run 400W into it, and you'll be able to reproduce down to 50Hz if you need to. Efficiency isn't much different from the V30, and the prices are fairly close.

I've also been recommending NOT using Tolex (which is pretty, but which rips too easily) and, instead, using roller grade Acrytech Duratex. There are "sample packs" for maybe $30 that include the special roller that will give you a texture that looks very much like Tolex, but which is much tougher and much easier to fix if it gets scraped or dinged. This is what most of the pro audio folks are using.
Good advice, you won't need to have ports for guitar, the ports are for bass frequencies below everything your guitar wil put out. Adding a port will mean you need careful design to get the best out of your speakers and a lot more research. The panel is just a piece of trim so fix it how you like, just make sure it won't rattle. I'd go for a dedicated guitar speaker rather than the all purpose Delta. Go onto the Eminence and Celestion web sites where you can listen to sound clips of their guitar speakers and then choose. Acrylic is the coating to go for unless you really want retro looks. It is much tougher and easier to apply as well as being cheaper.