Hello, i made a more general thread about headsets a day or a couple back, but i'd like to compare these exact headsets with a specific perspective.

NOTE: I mentioned a specific perspective, i'd like to compare which is the best headset for guitar practice with guitar amp. (I have Mustang III v2)
I have no experience with the AKG's, but the Sennheisers have a very flat frequency response. With hi-fi use, I always found myself bumping the bass and treble up with EQ just a bit. The Audio-Technicas were the cure: the response is very flat with the exception of the bass and high-end being slightly bumped naturally.

If your headphone out has cabinet emulation, I would go with the Sennheisers out of those two (so as to not have the headphones re-equalize the emulation). If it doesn't have cabinet emulation then you're SoL because no matter what headphones you plug in, it's going to sound like complete crap (like plugging a hi-fi speaker into your amp instead of a guitar cabinet).
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