Hey guys! So im looking for some new intresting scales and thought this would be a fun question.

Whats your favorite scales and what kind of music do you play?

Mine is harmonic minor and i play thrash metal
jazz..fusion blues ..progressive rock

scales: many...diminished..augmented..whole-tone..tri-tone..melodic minor and its modes..all forms of altered major minor and dominant..symmetrical and synthetic

the scales are nice..knowing which chords work with them..and why..is also important..
play well

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Fish have nice scales.
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I like the major and minor scales. I also use accidentals when I feel like it.

I play most genres of music.
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Maxfalk I rarely just stick with a pure scale, but that said, when it comes to choice over altered dominant chord resolving down a 5th, I really love the altered scale (7th mode of ascending melodic minor). But I'll also use this in a static groove even when the dominant chord is missing.

Or just for a bit of sonic grief, I'll play the scale of the moment up a semitone and then come back to "correct" scale. It's all ear candy.

I play most genres of music too.

But, eventually you realise that, if you respect the chord tones of the underlying harmony (at least to some extent) you can get away with blue murder, and this is where stuff like CST (Chord scale theory) can happily go out the window.
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HailThanks for that ... interesting and weird.

it's how they do the sound effect for the batmobile in the films from this century
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So Jet. I make a thread asking about favorite chords and that's an issue. But this is fine?

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it's how they do the sound effect for the batmobile in the films from this century

Well that's technically a Shepard-Risset glissando if it is continuous pitch rather than a fixed pitch scale.
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modes are a social construct
i learned about it on here, actually, years ago. as much as it pains me to say it, 20T had a really good post about it

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It is a long time since I looked into this stuff but the idea is that...

The human ear can hear basically from around 20Hz to around 20000HZ

Each frequency is heard as a different pitch. So a sound wave with a frequency of 440Hz gives us a specific pitch that we call an A.

If we double the frequency of a pitch say we get the same note an octave higher. For example 440Hz and 880Hz are both frequencies that produce a note we would call A. We hear them as the same note but the one with the faster frequency is heard as a higher "A" note and the one with the slower frequency is heard as a lower instance of the same "A" note.

If someone can hear in a range of 20Hz to 20000Hz then they would be able to hear 9 different A notes at different "pitch heights"
22.5 Hz
55 Hz
880 Hz
7040 Hz
14080 Hz

The idea behind the shepard scale is that the notes are produced as sine waves and all the octaves are layered on top of one another. Thus we would hear A being played in all these frequencies at the same time as one sound.

When we create a scale in this way we end up with a bunch of notes in which the "pitch height" is indiscriminate. This means that we can't tell the pitch height since all the pitch heights from the lowest to the highest are being played at the same time.

All we then have is context. The example that follows is a recording I made years ago called "indiscriminate pitch height". The first three notes you hear are A - G# - A.

This is then followed by a full A major scale A B C# D E F# G# A.

What I was doing in this experiment is exploring the effect of shepard tones. The first three notes sounds like the G# is below the A. It sounds like we are going down a half step. However exactly the same audio file was then placed as the seventh degree in an ascending scale and it then sounds like it is a major seventh above the first A tonic.

Similarly all the A notes are exactly the same audio file. The note at the start of the scale and the note at the end of the scale are from the same audio file. You could get take the first seven notes in this scale A B C# D E F# G# and loop them over and over and it would sound like a scale that is forever ascending because each note will always sound higher than the last.
Shepard Scale - Indiscriminate Pitch Height

The shepard risset rising tone is an example of this and you'll find one below. It's basically a series of the same note heard in different octaves. As we listen we hear all these pitches rise to the next octave, the highest note becomes inaudible and the lowest note comes in from being inaudible. Because each note finishes where another starts it is then looped seamlessly and the effect is a tone that appears to be continuously rising.
Shepard Risset Rising Tone

A shepard scale is basically using the tones similar to those in the first example and creating a continuously ascending (or descending) scale.

At least that is my understanding of it all.

it's hard to say what you'd use to dig deeper into similar stuff. it's an auditory illusion, but one that lends itself very well to being a good trick in soundtracks and engineering. most illusions aren't feasible to utilize practically in art, and i really have no interest in getting too into that side of youtube, but if you want to get into noise music they use a lot of similar quirk
modes are a social construct
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as much as it pains me to say it, 20T had a really good post about it
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So Jet. I make a thread asking about favorite chords and that's an issue. But this is fine?

Yours was a troll thread; this is an ignorance thread.

If it makes you feel better I'll close this too.
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Yours was a troll thread;

That's a load of crap and you know it, but whatever you want to tell yourself.
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modes are a social construct