It is a night straight from the history books,
A story of a nation whose focus are looks,
Where each guilty pleasure, each frivolity,
Has lead to this decline in their quality.

Their sea of minds for two years was a victim,
To the men behind, the ones who have picked him.
Again they have found a narcissistic prick,
Who ended up winning, all thanks to a dick.

I don't even live there, I'm oceans away,
But theirs are the currents which lead to our bay.
That's why we are scared that their ashes will spread,
The promise of fire has filled us with dread.

Each step of this process we downplayed the shame,
All of our attention helped him light his f(l)ame.
The future is always hard to comprehend,
When being forgotten is histories end.

And let us not pretend that she's all that great,
But with her in charge we could still keep some faith.
Which throughout history turned out to be smart,
If you hated privacy, science, and art.

You've put all your power in his tiny hands,
Now he will amaze us with his brilliant plans.
It's never the people who light the first match,
Who then brave the ashes to build things from scratch.

Of 300 million minds, they are your best?
They'll lead a whole empire, and they passed your test?
Well, as for the wise old man who could have won,
I hope that by 68 he won't be gone.

The fight can't be US or them, there's just one side.
I hope we'll co-operate, and see past his pride.
If you do not welcome his upcoming reign,
You are the last person we need on a plane.

Tonight's not the first time the world was at stake,
Together we've lived through each old Roman quake.
Our instincts may tell us to feel alarm,
But isis our fear which is causing this harm.

Their oily tongues brought down their old dynasties,
Granting us space to build new societies.
The ones in which we join hands and chase the stars,
Cause only together can we conquer Mars.

So let us stop casting the blame, we've all lost,
And lets work together to lower this cost.
Containing the flames which will engulf this hero,
Should be the way we show honour to Nero.