That's fine. I'm letting you all know right now though straight up, I'm going to build cooler, more unique and better sounding guitars than most if not all of you and I'm going to undercut all your prices and out market you too. I'm going to build the highest quality guitars at the lowest prices.



Here's the headstock.


The headstock graphic will also be branded and the etchings filled with black enamel paint and it will look and feel like smooth glass embedded in the wood. It's hard to explain. The headstock graphic is currently being rerendered by an artist by hand and so what you see is just an early version of a work in progress. The artists rendition will he etched onto a steel branding iron and etched into the headstock via pyrography.

( That white circle at the top (the North star) might actually end up being a hole and the design pattern you see a wood or metal insert that sits in the hole, I'm not sure if I want to make it an etching or a hole, undecided, might look cool)


BODY: One piece Honduran mohagany, 70s Strat.

NECK: 30 frets, 27" scale, maple with an ebony fretboard, stainless steel jumbo frets. Set-neck ( bolt-ons will be available as well). Locknut.

Dimarzio D Sonic pickup in the bridge and something cleaner sounding in the middle. Gotoh trem. Not sure what machine heads yet.

Now here's something unique. The body will have a pyrographic finish or what I like to call a " burn etched" finish. Here's an example. What I'll do is run the slab through a thickness planer and sand it down until the etchings are flush with the surface of the wood. Then I'll do a coloured stain over top.


BTW, that design is made with homemade microwave guns.

Any feedback on the headstock design? or the specs?

The name of the guitar is the Norstrum Veracity