So, I'm not sure if it's because of use, but the potentiometer on my BC Rich ASM Pro is way too loose for my liking. It doesn't move on it's own or anything, except the last set we played I must've turned it down at least ten times.
I'm looking for a high quality potentiometer that is both stiff and hard to accidentally move, but can also be quickly turned up and down with the side of my hand.
I've considered taking the potentiometer apart and tightening up the contacts inside, but I'm sure that will only do so much.

Thanks for any suggestions.
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I would recommend either some Seymour Duncan Pots, or some BareKnuckle pots, i use these in all of my guitars
They actually make rubber gaskets which fit between the body and the knob which make knobs harder to turn. But I always use pots that are super easy to turn, for both volume and tone, as I use them all the time.
Dave @ Seymour Duncan
Are the Seymour Duncan's or Bareknuckles particularly stiff?
Now that I look into it, the Bareknuckles are CTS brand pots. I have heard of them a couple times in the past.

I'll for sure check out the rubber gasket, something tells me my o-ring kit has something in there that could work as a substitute.
..I was watching my death.