Ok, so i'm really panic right now. I own an electric guitar with bridge Synvader pickup. As i sweats whenever i played guitar, it becomes rusty (a bit) on the synvader, on the 6th string pole piece. You know synvader looks shiny so i want it to look clean. so i do just clean the rusts today. I use that like WD40 or something like that, and i spray it out to the pole pieces then clean it all out. The rusts gone. Then when i finished with cleanings, and plug in the jack, the sound on the 6th became somewhat muddy and less-tone. Well it still works, it still sounds, but it's less-tone on the 6th.


1. is cleaning the pole piece making it sounds muddy and less-tone?

2. if it's a yes, is there any possible way to repair it myself?

3. give me a solution at this, like next time how do i clean that rusty pole pieces.
Wd40 should not change your sound at all. I mean i bet you could hose it down while playing and you wouldnt notice a dif in the sound. Course ive never tried that...but ive sanded pole pieces before and oiled them. Maybe you accidentally moved something when cleaning...like a tone knob or a pickup height. 3. Give the pole piece a full turn in both directions while playing and see if you can hear an improvement. Hey but dont strip them out yo
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