Hi everybody!

I'm about to procure a Suhr Modern Satin, this one: http://www.suhr.com/Natural-Modern-Satin/

And I need to decide whether I want to get the one with the Original Floyd Rose or the one with their standard Gotoh tremolo bridge (non-locking). I have an Ibanez with the original Edge tremolo, which is just awesome.

But with the Suhr, I'm wondering if the original Floyd Rose on it will take something away from my clean tones? Or is this a myth? My Ibanez with the Edge trem sounds pretty damn good with cleans to me, but I've never played it with a normal bridge, so I have nothing to compare against.

Also, one plus is that I won't need to change nuts or do any filing when changing to heavier gauge strings for C-standard tuning. That's a plus of getting the Floyd Rose I guess.

So what do you guys think? Go with the Floyd? And do you think there are any major tonal differences between the two bridges?

P. S. - If anyone knows anything about woods and tone, is the natural finished African mahogany going to be tight enough on the low-end for prog-rock and metal type playing? Thanks.
Nice choice.
The Floyd won't take away from your clean tones. The mahogany is fine wood for what you're planning, but you may want to add the largest brass sustain block you can fit under there to the Floyd Rose. The OFR comes with a brass sustain block, but the larger one will make a difference to the tone (you'll have to tell me if you like it better or not, but I've put them on almost all of my Floyds now), it will make a difference in the "feel" lf the guitar (balance), the feel of the Floyd when you use it, and to what happens when you bend and use vibrato. I personally feel it's an improvement all round.

I think the "natural" finish is a matte or semi-matte polyester (a good thing).