Frankly i had opportunity to try a lot of guitars, have or had ESP, Schecter, Ibanez, Cort, Peavey, Gibson, Vintage etc. Some of the guitars i have tried were friends guitars or at local store, some of them were or are mine. However i tried to see which one fits me the best since my hands arent that big, rather average. I must say that Ibanez Wizard necks, especially on RG series are one of the thinnest and most comfortable ever made. Schecter was a baseball bat, gibson even more, ESP was thing but thicker and heavier than Ibanez. Ibanez Wizards seem to be perfect for me.

I also tried Fender and Squier, this was the 1# thinnest neck i ever had in my hands, i just didnt like its too thin, however it was the still fun to play. Mostly schecter and Gibson are heavy and thick but ESP and Ibanez are the opposite.

What is the thinnest neck and lightest guitar for you ?
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The thinnest necks in my collection are on a Dean Cadillac, my Fernandes Ravelles, and a couple of JKGs. They're not as thin as a Wizard, though.

I don't weigh my guitars, but I'm planning on having JKG do one of his small semihollows for me. They're doublecut, and weigh @5lbs. But instead of the standard pickup array, i'll be using Lace Alumitones (a mix of Deathbuckers and standard ones) and drop that weight possibly under 4lbs.
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The daisy rock candy custom is very light but the neck isnt thin like they say. Parker fly is probably the lightest guitar ive ever played and the washburn has the thinnest neck
probably ibanez for the thin neck

thin-bodied mahogany guitars are often very light, i find- things like SGs, les paul juniors/specials and guitars taking those as their inspiration.

semi-hollows and hollows can be lighter again, at least the smaller ones.
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Ibanez makes the thinnest necks at least in terms of mass-produced guitars.
I must say that Ibanez Wizard necks, especially on RG series are one of the thinnest and most comfortable ever made. Schecter was a baseball bat, gibson even more, ESP was thing but thicker and heavier than Ibanez. Ibanez Wizards seem to be perfect for me.

Meh. Out of the guitars you've mentioned that are like a 'baseball bat', many of the necks on those guitars are actually very average in thickness. You're just to used to ultra thin necks that anything different feels foreign to you.

The thinnest neck I own is probably my Ibanez SR600, which I think has a wizard III profile but obviously its adapted for bass w/ a much narrower nut width. It has its advantages as a guitarist that plays bass as it makes it a bit easier to make long finger stretches on an instrument that has a 34" scale. It serves that purpose well, but I find that my hand cramps on necks that same thickness found on guitars. My favorite thin neck profile is the one you'll find on Jackson guitars. They're still very thin, but it still offers enough support that I don't have that problem.

The lightest guitar I own is my 7lb Gibson V, which has a slightly thinner than average D-neck. There's a Stagg Flying V copy in my attic that feels lighter, but that guitar is junk so who cares.

The lightest guitar I've played was a Jackson RR5. That thing probably weighed under 6lbs, it was like a twig. Nice guitar though.

The lightest guitar I know of is the cheapest Dean Vendetta you can buy. It has a Paulownia body that according to owners, make the guitar weigh about as much as styrofoam.
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Ibanez makes the thinnest necks, but they're not the only ones. There are actually at least two and perhaps three "Wizard" necks (in terms of dimensions) out there. Most are around 17mm deep at the first fret, around 20mm at the 12th. Agile has a "thin" or "slim" profile that ranges close to the same thickness (but on a 24.75" scale). Most of the Ibanez necks are 25.5" scale.

Worth noting that there's a lot of speculation regarding necks, but only a little accurate information. It would help a lot if folks would grab a digital calipers and actually *measure* their necks' thickness from the face of the fretboard right next to the first fret to the back of the neck, and the same next to the 12th fret. Anything else is random guess, as weight seems to be.
Washburn rx10 has a really thin neck. And the lightest guitars ive ever picked up are a parker fly and a daisy rock. Dont have any numbers thoigh so thats not really helpful. The rock candy custom is so light though that the neck is the heaviest part of the guitar. Even though they say that the neck is thin for girls, which is sexist, it actually is the same size as my epi lespaul.
The thinnest neck I have is probably on my Affinity Telecaster.

My lightest guitar is my SG for sure
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The thinnest neck I've ever played on would have to be an from an Ibanez S-series model I played on once. I found it to be too thin for my liking, tbh (Thinnest necks I like tend to be on Jacksons, which are just a bit thicker, IME). My favorite necks overall are probably the Gibson-style (and similar) V/Explorer profiles (Not uber-thin Ibanez-style, but definitely not baseball bat-esque either).

The lightest guitar I own definitely has to be the SG. Amazingly, it's pretty well balanced and has next to zero-neck dive (Probably due to having a sim-taper profile, as opposed to a thicker neck).
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Thinnest I have are on my Ibanez Prestiges. Are they the most comfortable? Think my Axis & JP6 might have something to say about that!
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My lightest I think is my Charvel DS-1 ST and the thinnest neck is my Hagstrom Ultra Swede
The lightest guitar I own is my Dean Split Tail with a solid mohogany body and neck it is a V shape with SG horns in the front and it is thin like an SG it has a narrow neck with a triangle profile that is fairly thick compared to my other guitars I have short fingers and find this neck to be very comfortable.

The thinnest neck I have is either on my Washburn Parallaxe or my Ibanez Xiphos. All of my Jacksons have thin necks.
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The EBMM JP guitars have thin necks and the basswood bodies are light.