I bought this recently. I'm an artist and considering painting all over it. However, if this is something worth something to someone, I would rather not do something to a perfectly good guitar.

There is no serial number and the pickups seem to have been replaced with APC USA ones and there seem to be 22/23 frets?

Pls help, I don't want to deface a guitar that someone might really love and perhaps with the cash I can buy a crappy one.

It won't let me save a photo, so here's a link to my Dropbox
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Well I mean, it really depends on what you're asking. It's a perfectly good guitar but it's also a cheap one. They sell for around 200-400 USD used most of the time.

You could sell it and buy a crappier guitar if you're not a player and you don't want to paint a playable guitar but you probably aren't going to break any hearts painting that Aria either. The only reason why I personally wouldn't paint that Aria is it has a really nice veneer on the top and already looks nice with a clear finish.
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Well...I bought it for 40USD. The veneer is nice, but I was thinking of literally turning it into a piece of art
Thank you for the advice