Cool opening theme!
I like the vocals. I get a nice 80's vibe from them. Don't know why, but I do
Nice harmonies in the chorus. Also like that the drums play in half tempo. Gives the next part an extra boost.
I do miss a bridge or breakdown somewhere in this song though. Just to make the song a bit more dynamic.

Crit for crit?
Non-partison? What's that? This was one crazy election in the USA. I feel the vocals are stronger (and have better melodies) in the chorus (quite good), in my opinion. I wonder if you double-tracked the verse vocals, if that would help a bit (the verse vocals are OK though). Guitar riffs are good, drums are too. Bass is fine. Overall a good tune. Please review my music at this link:

Everything except the vocals was DI, actually. Guitar was run through the Joyo American Sound, and drums and bass were from the Digitech Trio Plus.

Thanks for the critiques guys! They've been returned!
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Hi, when I saw that song title it made me shudder lol
It's a good track and the vocals are nice and clear. You still had scope to overdub more guitars on the choruses to give them more wide angle oomph but that's just what I'm used to doing. Overall it's a good song and a good recording effort.

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