Hello people,

I'd like to buy an acoustic guitar. My budget is pretty low. It's around £150. I don't know if that's too low a budget to expect anything decent. I want the guitar to be cutaway. I like having access to the frets beyond 12th. Here are the type of stuff I'll do with my guitar:

- Neoclassical metal
- General plucking like creed's one last breath intro or carnival of rust
- Play pop songs like Backstreet boys/ Adele/ Lionel Richi etc
- Lamb of God style riffing.

The thing is, I love and play music from so many different genres that I can never settle for one particular type. I just want a decent acoustic guitar. I don't want it to buzz. I don't want the strings so high up that it takes extra effort to fret the notes. I don't want it to sound like those electro-acoustic guitars with plastic type body. I found one online and this is it: Epiphone EE1CNACH1 AJ-100CE Jumbo Acoustic

Any suggestions? Input?
At that price you'll get a reasonable entry level guitar, and there are various options. Go to a guitar shop and try some out.

On the other hand, you sound like someone who has a good musical sense. If you already own a guitar I'd consider finding one that more closely meets all your future needs, then save up to buy it.