Poll: When do you put your festive decorations up?
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In October
0 0%
First week of November
0 0%
Second week of November
0 0%
Third week of November
0 0%
Fourth week of November
2 8%
First week of December
5 20%
Second week of December
6 24%
Third week of December
2 8%
I don't bother
10 40%
Voters: 25.
For me it's second week of December.

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When it becomes the nearest approaching holiday. Right now would be too early because there's still Thanksgiving and AIDS day before Christmas the winter holidays.

What's Thanksgiving and aids DAY?

longing rusted furnace daybreak seventeen benign nine homecoming one freight car
i don't bother.

my mom always tries to set up this tiny fake tree that the cats chew on tho.

usually a few days before christmas.
13th or December or something
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I don't have any decorations but if I did probably some time December
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I don't celebrate Christmas.

I do the drinking and the eating, but at most I and my friends buy each other alcohol. And we'd do that anyway.

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I put them up my butt.
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I only decorate for Halloween, so as soon as October starts the decorations are up.

I don't bother decorating for the rest of the holidays tbh
even though i really like Christmas decorations, I don't bother putting up lights or anything with effort since it doesn't even snow in my area.
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What's Thanksgiving and aids DAY?

November 24th and December 1st respectively.
One involves a lot of stuffing and the other is a consequence of the first.
Normally it's a week before, but the last few years it's been a couple of days before because nobody can be bothered to dig them out
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i don't know ask my mum

she usually has her mouth full

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I don't do anything. My parents put a Christmas tree up a week or two before Christmas.
Last week of Nov.
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1st December each year.

My Christmas decorations aren't that comprehensive though. This was last year's effort
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it's beautiful

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I an evety characyer in this story
I now have another duck to add to the festive scene.
Yes I am falling
How much longer
Till I hit the ground?
We've varied from November to Christmas Eve to not at all before, so it's hard to say.
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I don't put up any festive decorations up because there is nothing to celebrate.

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I wouldn't bother, but I always get roped into dragging the decorations down from the attic and helping with the tree.
The nearest weekend to the first of December, keep them up until the weekend after my birthday on the 3rd of January.

My first Christmas in my own place i got a bit excited because my only adult supervision was my now-wife and we put a shitty little £5 tree up in my bedsit like mid-November.
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Second week of December unless my mum wants them up earlier.
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