Hi, I have a friend in Leicester UK who visited the States a few years ago and met up with a guitarist by the name of James Nicholls, since then he has lost contact with him and would like to get in touch with him again. He would now be about 40 years old and the last time Kelvin (my mate) saw him was in Hawaii. Apparently James made a CD with some other musicians. I believe he was a plumber if that helps at all. I know it's a long shot but it's worth a try. Oh, and I think he was originally from somewhere in Tennessee. I have a photo of him but I can't seem to add it to this thread. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
I only know that plumbers don't wear ties. Hope that helps.
Help finding Jamie. Sounds like the title of the next Nicholas Sparks novel.
I know where Jamie is. PM me your bank details and I'll tell you.
I have nothing important to say
this is the only plumber i know

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this is the only plumber i know

What about Luigi
are you sure your friend wasn't a plumbus? it's easy to get confused
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have you tried grindr?

I'm way too scared to try grindr
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I'm way too scared to try grindr

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I an evety characyer in this story
So you want help looking for a 40 year old plumber from Tennessee who moonlights as a musician and has been to Hawaii
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His name was Jamie
He was a showman
Playing that guitar with all he can
He laid the solo
The crowd went YOLO
and they searched for him far and wide at the Copa
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Except except except except thyme
Shakey: Does he chew tobacco? Shakey, is his grandmother's maiden name Ruth, Jones, or Follett? What size were his earlobes? What fucking size were his earlobes Shakey?!
Yes hello friend. I am James Nicholls, but I have since changed my name to Joshua Garcia.
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