I'm thinking about buying a set of Lindy Fralin Vintage Hot for strat. There is only one thing, i'm not sure about.

I know the bridge pickup is a bit hotter than a normal strat bridge pickup. And i don't want it hot. I want that bright and sharp sound. Not like you feel, the sharpness/edge is rolled of like the stock pickup on my 2009 american standard strat. The problem is: I don't know how much hotter the "a bit hotter" is.

So my question is: When you say, the vintage hot bridge pickup is a bit hotter (5% overwound), how "bad" is it? I mean, is it not hearable, is it just a tiny, is alot of the sharpness rolled of or how would you describe it?

And: When you say hotter or overwound, it is compared to what? A standard vintage pickup?

If yes: I have owned a Tokai Silverstar strat, wich is a copy of a 70's strat. Is that then a "standard vintage" bridge pickup? It was very bright/sharp. I perhaps even want it slightly less bright/sharp.
i haven't tried the fralins but i know the pickups in my tokai goldstar are very low output. i'm not sure if the silverstar uses the same pickups, though (maybe ask on the tokai registry forum?), but if they are they'd very much be on the low end of normal strat output.

also do you have a tone control on your bridge pickup? that affects the brightness and sharpness a lot (the tokais don't have the tone connected to the bridge pickup as stock, the usa standard strat normally has a no-load tone control so you can fiddle with that to hear the difference.
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