I'm wanting a small acoustic to keep in my family room for easy access to a guitar while watching tv. I like that these Traveller brand models are acoustic but also will function as an electric. Anyone have any experience with them and what are your opinions about them? Yes they look strange but I like that they are small and easy to throw behind a couch when not in use.
Mine has no pickup but the Cordoba Mini has a full classical fretboard and sounds really good with the Standard Aquila strings but it's still small. Its my TV and Car guitar.
I had a Yamaha Guitalele GL-1 which is ok and a bit smaller than the Cordoba but it didn't sound half as good and there just too little space on the fretboard, gripping f.ex. a 3 finger A
I'm not stuck on the electric part but it is a nice to have since I don't own an electric at this point. Main need though is just something small I can pick up whenever I feel like it. I may look into some parlour guitars.
Check out the baby taylor, and a GS mini. I think they are head and shoulders above other travel/smaller guitars available.
Two choices, both with pros and cons.

1. Go for a reduced size guitar like the GS mini, Baby Taylor, etc. These are just a smaller version of a traditional acoustic guitar. They sound pretty good, the body, though smaller, is still big enough to sit on your leg OK. Downside is that though smaller they are still quite big and also the scale length is shorter so the frets are closer together and the string tension is lower.

2. Go for a travel guitar like the Washburn Rover, Martin Backpacker, etc. These have very small bodies so sound thinner and quieter than the above type. Also the smaller body doesn't sit on the leg so well - you need a strap. The upside is that the neck length is the same as a full size guitar so string tension and fret distances are the same as for a full size guitar.

If it was me wanting to keep a guitar behind the sofa I'd go for option 2.
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i had the bass version of the traveler ultralite. smallest, thinnest, lightest bass in existence, but not in any way acoustic. since the guitar version looks almost exactly the same, i'd say you can expect about as much acoustic sound as any unplugged electric guitar. the washburn rover is tiny but an actual acoustic; if you play very quietly, it sounds good and is also tiny. i've owned two, and they're pretty nice when played with a very light hand.
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. . .. the washburn rover is tiny but an actual acoustic; if you play very quietly, it sounds good and is also tiny. . . .

I'd pick the Washburn Rover too.