Howdy, gents! I have recently acquired a 1986 Fender Champ 12. It's in pretty good shape and, after I replaced the tubes, it sounds pretty good. NOW, I've read about the Torres mod kit, and I've read as many bad reviews as good ones and I'm looking for more of a sure thing. I know I have to replace the 1/4" jacks (too easy) but I've heeard you can move a couple of caps and replace a couple and wind up with a less brittle overdriven tone.

While I'm working on it I'm going to replace the 12" Eminence with a vintage Jensen 12" that I have. I'm also going to add an interrupting 1/4" jack for an external speaker cab (I have several and it sounds pretty good through the 4 X 12).

Any of you guys have any suggested mods for this old gal I'd sure appreciate it. I really like this little amp (LOUD for 12 watts!) and just want the OD to be a bit more usable. I'd also appreciate knowing if the Black Knob and Red Knob are identical except for the knobs.

Thanks in advance and rock on!
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