Hi there, Hopefully some of you can answer this question for me,

I'm wanting to splatter some paint on my white guitar, just to give it a new look, Kinda like this

Do i need to take the clear coat off my guitar before i do this? or can i just take out the electronics and throw paint on it?
Some finishes can be sprayed over with a different type of finish and some cannot. It's always best to re- coat a surface with similar material.

That being said, you can throw spraypaint on just about anything and then clear topcoat with poly. However, you must prepare the surface first by lightly sanding the existing clearcoat everywhere that will be finished to provide a surface that finish will stick to.

Good luck brother.
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Another option is to use a vinyl wrap material for the face of the guitar. Like what they put on Lamborghinis.

You can either have it computer printed with the drops and spatters, or you can drip and spatter a plain color (white, for example) after it's on the guitar. In both cases, you'll be able to remove it later and sell it off with the original paint intact.