I've been playing acoustic guitar for almost 20 years.

I stopped playing for a few months and my callouses got soft.

I started playing again recently and was surprised by how much it hurt. It almost felt like starting from scratch.

But I persevered and kept playing every day, slowly rebuilding my callouses.

The tip of my middle finger, however, has become so sore that it now hurts to the touch. I experience a really sharp pain even by poking it. I can only play guitar for 5 minutes or so before it becomes too much to bear.



Has anyone experienced this?

Could this be nerve damage or something?

Should I keep pushing myself to play every day, or is there a risk of making it worse?

Any tips?

Stop playing for a few days and it will go away. This has happened to me too, also on my middle finger.
Yep I've had that same thing on occasion. No clue what it is. Usually goes away in less than a few days.