Im new to Bring me The horizon. Sempiternal is a really good album. For me, it was like listening to a different genre of metal especially when I first heard sleepwalking. Last week, a friend of mine on facebook posted a video of bmth. It was the music video for their song "oh no" from their latest album That's the spirit. For a second, I thought that it was the last track for the album so maybe it kinda sounded like that. I scrolled through the comment section of youtube and found these number of people calling themselves "real fans" booing the album and calling them sellouts. I tried listening to the whole album on youtube, and maaaaann, it was like a fucking LOVE at first sight. I didnt know that they were a deathcore band before so I was really surprised. Sempiternal has some heavy songs in it but their previous albums are heavier. In my opinion, that's my spirit is their best album so far,not as a deathcore/alternative metal band but as an artist.The songs were mixed and produced fantastically, the instrumentals were so fucking amazing, the lyrics and rythms doesnt sound generic. I fucking love it .

Does anybody know any similar albums to That's my Spirit?