I'm virtually killing a previous thread I had, thanks to excellent advice and realization that for what i want I'm going to have to spend a little. A little back drop, again, I play 7 string, styles ranging anywhere from mellow classic rock to metal, with extreme levels of distortion. Also it's very rare that I tune anywhere advice A standard, and usually tune lower yet. That said clear cleans are important to me, as are heavy amounts of distortion....i upped my price range to roughly 1000, as I seen the small dsl and the 6505 probably aren't going to cut it for a few things... I'm still researching but I so far have going the carvin micro v3 50 combo intriguing, as it also doubles as it has decent cleans and distortion levels.... all demos I heard sounded pretty solid, even through guitars I'm not overly fond of..... well except one guy who absolutely made me sound like a pro, which is bad.....i also seen a dual rec for 1000, which is a little high for me, but I know their rep, so it's very tempting..... if there is anymore suggestions oohs appreciate it, and links are awesome too.... I'm going to order by the end of the week, as I'll likely be ordering my new guitar tomorrow and want to be able to justify its set up with a beautiful, yet brutal sounding amp. And thanks again everyone for all the help you've been giving this poor sob
Also know line 6 takes some hits, but am seeing allot of good things on the spider valve line 6/bogner
If the Dual Rec is a little high on the price scale you might see if there are any used Single Rec 2 channel 50W heads around your area. They are significantly cheaper on the used market compared to a Dual and offer that rectifier tone. Another couple that spring to mind are the Peavey JSX or the Peavey XXX II (which is actually just a rebranded JSX) They can handle your gain needs but also sport a very nice clean channel that stays clean even when very loud.

These are also in a GC near you
Bogner makes some EXCELLENT amps ... drool worthy, but I'd stay away from the Line6 one, the DT50 I think it's called? It's more of a modelling amp. I don't know if the JSX / XXX II would have enough gain for you, but you could try one. You can stay well under $500 for one of those if you look around. The ORIGINAL XXX is a gain MONSTER, too much for me really and my main amp is a 6505+. The first XXX, like the JSX/XXX II is a 3 channel amp with a true clean channel. I also see those go for under $300 if you look for them. If you're willing to go $1000, I've seen the full sized Randall Thrasher amps used for just under a grand. That for sure would get your the gain you want as well. They make a 50 watt now too, but it's fairly new and haven't seen any used yet and the new ones are over a grand.
I think what I'm going to do is get the amplifi cheap, and have some fun with it..... and therm I'll have a decent at home amp and save enough money to get a triple rectifier head and decent cab..... surprisingly my wife seems pretty cool with it..... if I do start gigging my vox blue series vt120 can handle it..... not my ideal amp, except for more mellow stuff, but it gets the job done pretty well, and with the long board footswitch I have plenty of options, except I learned.... leave the 4 ohm option alone with the 7...... thanks allot guys.... really helped me think of the best path, so for now just something for in home tinkering till I can get the behemoth
diabolical yeah, but if I'm spending that much I'll likely wait.... when the time comes I may try to find a place to compare them with mesa
diabolical I've surprisingly been hearing pretty good things.... plus like I said if I'd gig ill use the vox.... the line 6 would be fine for a small room.... only 450... I'm getting it to have some tinkering fun, and other than extreme volumes they're not too bad, plus I need a new audio system so it will always come in handy for blutooth playback.... trust me.... got my expectations straight and not just spending for the amp side..... once I pay everything Im probably going to just dump some cash and like I said mesa or evh likely maybe something else top notch..... I'm in a pretty good situation so I'll probably pay everything off early and get to where I need to be
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Plus for now....i think rather than combo, when I fully upgrade I'm just going at least half stack, and right now I'm in the process of clearingg out my house for space.... drive truck too so the amplifi is light enough to carry with to practice on my tens...i started thinking and that factored in