I'm looking for a wah Pedal that is pretty much just versatile, but not too expensive. I would use it for some Kirk Hammett soloing and even some funky stuff, I've watched reviews of some like the crybaby classic, also the crybaby 95q caught my attention because I like the fact it has a boost.
Does anyone have suggestions? If it came down to it I would want one that leans toward being a metal pedal but if there is a pedal out there around $100 that can do almost anything that would be great.
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I settled on a Morley Bad Horsie 2. It has the default voicing/settings and then you can set the Q and Volume and select your settings with a footswitch. Check it out. Well under $100 used - I paid $64 for mine with the power supply.
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as always I'm gonna say check out Morley as they have some nice wahs and they aren't to expensive. the Bad Horsie is a popular choice however for Kirk I might be more inclined to go for the Classic or Power as thye have the abililty to be parked ( wah set in a postion and then turned on without moving it for a specific tone, morley has a side switch instead of pushing down on pedal like normal, bad horse is foot activated though)
M favourite wah is the Morley Maverick. It's basically a smaller version of the Bad Horsie.
However, due to pedalboard space I am currently using a Mooer Wahter. It is a little psser.. Plus it's friggin tiny. Even though it is very small it's very easy to drive.
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