Bit of a niche (and slightly mundane) question this one, but a simple yes or no answer will suffice.

So the switch on my Epiphone died again after already replacing it with an Alpha one a couple of years ago, so I thought screw it, I'll get a Switchcraft one so I never have to replace it ever again.

But there's a problem. Aside from the Switchcraft switches being quite insultingly expensive, I've noticed some discrepancy between the Alpha Switch and the Switchcraft one which will make wiring the new one in a pain in the ass. Unless this hack actually works.

Observe this picture.

  • On the Switchcraft switch, the switch output tabs and the pickup hot wire tabs are on opposite sides of the switch.

  • On the Alpha one, both the switch output tab and the pickup hot tabs are on the same side of the switch.

In my mind, the Alpha switch layout is so much better. Wiring the switch this way means that all 3 wires can be cut to the same length, they're all going to be facing the same direction, and it makes soldering the braided shield of all 3 wires to the ground tab of the switch a breeze because they're naturally going to neatly bunch together near the ground terminal.

So my question is this; Can the tabs for the hot pickup wires on the Switchcraft switch be flipped around in such a way that the switch is laid out identically to the Alpha switch and still work?

I assume its possible as these types of switches are fully rebuildable and it cannot see any immediate reason why the tabs on the pickup hots that establish contact with the switch output are going to be designed to work in one orientation but not the other.

If the answer is yes, then why does Switchcraft assemble the switch this way from the factory? It doesn't make any sense to me why you'd want to put the hot wires on opposite sides of the switch,. It only makes the switch more of a pain in the ass the wire.

Thank you.
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