I urge anyone thinking about dealing with a company called huayun guitars not to do so.

4 months ago I ordered a custom guitar from them. They were sending pleasant emails but once they received the money, all communication from them stopped. Payment is confirmed as being received by one wangyang zhang. They now do not respond to any emails or phone calls. They have not contacted me to offer a tracking number or offer a refund. Basically, they have taken my money and screwed me.

I urge anyone thinking about dealing with this company not to do so. Please don't get caught out like I did.
Thanks for raising awareness.
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Did you use PayPal or a credit card?
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Thanks for the heads up, personally I wouldn't deal with any unknown company unless I could find some customers online (forums etc.) to vouch for them especially from China.
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sending money to china is a piss poor plan at best. you have little to no recourse if they stiff you. most of the time the deals are to good to be true and it's for a reason. funny thing is that even the people in china know better than to buy this junk (brother lives and teaches there).
I just emailed them asking if they offer custom guitar builds.

If they respond, I'll tell them I'm hestitant because of this post and share the link.

Maybe that will be enough to get them to contact you back with an update -