I recently picked up a rather nice second hand dean ml. The strings are completely finished. I was checking out some stuff online and I came across dr luminous strings. I thought they looked pretty cool and would be a bit different. Does anyone have any experience with them?
To me they feel stiff, sound kinda weird, and the paint flakes off quickly. They look cool but I think they're pretty bad at being strings.
I had didn't know such a thing existed until now.
They look cool, but dont seem too practical..
Some questions may include: Why are you playing in the dark?
Do you have to keep your guitar in the light just so they could light up at night?
I assume normal metal doesn't do "glow in the dark", so it's probably something painted.
So what if you practice a lot, get sweaty and they rub off. Will you become a glowing smurf?
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I had a mate who used them for a couple of show

Basically: they look cool for a song(less if you play hard), so put them on a 2nd guitar and use good strings for the rest of your set, and you'll need a fresh set every gig.
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I had a Dean Razorback DM that came from a pawn shop and had red strings on it they were still new and looked pretty cool but they felt weird and started flaking and looking bad in no time so I changed them out.
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