Hey everyone!

Was hoping I could get some advice on a problem I'm having switching channels quickly. I'm an intermediate player, who has previously been playing a Peavey XXX which has a LOT of pre-gain on two channels, and a third channel that has a pristine clean. I've never had to front the XXX with anything, and channel switching has always been a breeze. But the amp has a very heavy sound, and I just joined a classic rock group. I felt the XXX was a bit much, so I shopped an amp that would give me a more classic rock sound, and ended up with the Orange Rockerverb 50.

I'm fronting the Rockerverb with a tubescreamer, with the gain all of the way down and the volume all of the way up to tighten the bottom end. IMO the rockerverb absolutely needs the tube screamer to sound decent.

Everything sounds great.....but here's my dilemma. When I go to the clean channel, the tube screamer is still on and the cleans are gritty. There's no way to clean up the clean unless I do the stomp box dance, or I roll the volume off on the guitar. Normally that wouldn't be a problem, but we've got a couple of songs in the set that require multiple back and forths between clean and dirty passages.....and those switches have to be instant.

So what do you guys do in this situation? I'm thinking about putting a distortion pedal (shudder) in from of the amp just for those few songs, so I can switch quickly back and forth instantly and avoid the stomp box dance. I hate the thought of doing this though, and my pedal board is already pretty full.

Is there a better way? What am I missing?
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Tap dancing is the cheapest solution. It is not too difficult after you practice it for a while. I would turn the TS9 off a beat before you need the clean, then the footswitch off the beat after. Presuming you have the channel footswitch and the TS9 close, you might could rig up a metal or wood bar that lays over both the pedals and you just hit the bar to turn both off at the same time. There are also these which lay over the pedal's original switch which gives you a bigger target to hit. A last option is to get a looper pedal (not the sound-repeating kind) that would allow you to turn on/off both pedals with a single switch, although I am not sure if the footswitch would be happy about it.
Thanks, I was contemplating the A/B loop option earlier, because I happen to have a Boss A/B loop box collecting dust in my closet. I'm not sure how it would work though. I need the A/B pedal to both switch the amp channel (a simple on/off) and switch the loop from the A-side (Tube screamer) to the B-side (nothing). I don't see how a A/B loop box would solve the issue of switching the amp's channel. In the end, I'm still stepping on 2 pedals.
Basically what Will Lane said, tap dancing is your best overall option. Otherwise you could get a programmable multi-effect unit, or return (if you still can) the orange and get something else that doesn't require an OD for the sound you're looking for. Try a ValveKing or a JCM800. I agree the XXX is too much. I don't even use mine anymore. I much prefer the crunch of my 6505+. That would actually work really well for your non-OD classic rock crunch, but the clean wouldn't be clean enough for you.
The Boss LS won't do it as it won't switch your amp channel. You basically need a device that will be programmed to switch your amp channels as well as take the overdrive out of the loop.
Contact these guys:

I think you need the Switcher.

Alternately, just a generic search reveals this controller by Joyo that should do it as well with its programmable "triggers":

I do these changes via my Boss GT-10 as that can be configured to switch 2 channel amp per patch change.